Cybersecurity in the Age of AI

In an era defined by digital interconnectedness and technological advancement, the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity stands at the forefront of safeguarding our digital landscape. As organizations navigate this evolving landscape, they must strike a balance between leveraging AI-driven innovations and mitigating associated risks. By embracing AI as a force multiplier in cybersecurity while fostering a culture of vigilance and adaptability, organizations can effectively safeguard their digital assets and mitigate emerging cyber threats.

The transformative potential of AI foster new opportunities for CIO and CISO like Threat Detection and Prevention, Enhanced Incident Response, Predictive Analytics, Adaptive Defense Mechanisms. Ultimately, the synergy between human expertise and AI-driven technologies will shape the future of cybersecurity, empowering organizations to confront evolving threats with confidence and resilience.

NIS2 Directive serves as a catalyst for strengthening cybersecurity resilience and promoting a culture of proactive risk management within companies operating in essential sectors across the EU. By aligning their cyber strategies with the requirements of the directive, companies can enhance their cybersecurity posture, mitigate cyber risks, and contribute to the overall resilience of critical infrastructure and essential services.

CIO Council is inviting you to this event to discuss how the CIO, CISO and the Boards will embrace AI and new technologies to protect the companies and to debate the latest challenges in the industry.


22nd of May 2024, hours 10.00-16.30

You can view the presentations held during CIO Council Cybersecurity Forum 2024, here:

0900 – 1000
Registration & Welcome Coffee

1000 – 1015
Opening speech
Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, CIO Council President

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1015 – 1310  SESSION 1: NIS2 Compliance. Trends and Technologies. Data privacy and regulation.

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1015 – 1035
Title Session: Transforming Data Protection into Data Resilience
Synopsis: Ransomware, insider attacks and other cyber threats pose a risk to all organizations, and security officers recognize that recovery needs to be part of an effective cyber resiliency strategy. This presentation provides an overview of how Dell Cyber Recovery solution leverages isolation, immutability and intelligence to protect critical data from cyber threats and enables organizations to recover and resume normal operations with confidence.
Speaker: Ionut Rosca, Data Protection Solutions Specialist, Dell Technologies

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1035 – 1055
Title Session: Securing Your Storage: Exploring OPSWAT Metadefender Solutions
 Are you aware that as data custodians, the responsibility for securing your data in the cloud lies with you, not the provider? Join us to uncover the crucial role you play in safeguarding sensitive information. Learn how OPSWAT Metadefender for Secure Storage empowers you to mitigate GDPR violations and comply with the NIS2 directive, ensuring robust data protection across all storage platforms. Don't miss out on mastering your data security strategy.
Speaker: Alexandru Ghioca, Solution Engineer, OPSWAT

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1055 – 1115
Title session: Cybersecurity in the era of AI

Synopsis: As artificial intelligence (AI) permeates our lives, it's crucial to address the cybersecurity challenges it presents. In this dynamic landscape, AI will be utilized by both attackers and defenders. We will explore the opportunities of leveraging AI to enhance your business and defences while acknowledging the potential risks.
Speaker: Oana Păvăloiu, Channel Manager, Check Point Romania. 

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1115 – 1135  Coffee Break 

1135 – 1155 
Title Session: Digital Operational Resilience Act – DORA

Synopsis: DORA, the EU regulation, is strengthening IT security for financial entities in the event of a serious operational disruption. What does the new regulatory framework entail for management teams and what additional challenges does this new regulation bring for IT departments?
Speaker: Claudiu Negrea, Deputy Director of the Financial Market Infrastructures and Payments Oversight Department at the National Bank of Romania

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1155 – 1215 
Title session: NIS Directive – battleground insights. 
Synopsis: After 3 years life of NIS Directive adoption, before a major change, it is time to look back, learn from previous experiences, and share ideas for the better. In this critical moment, Madalin will share his view, the challenges, the risks, and especially the opportunities to make a safer environment for human life and society. As a “battle-tested” CISO-as-a-service / consultant of various customers with different maturity levels and an NIS auditor, he will bring a fresh and genuine view from the Romanian realities.
Speaker: Madalin Bratu, General Manager, Sectio Aurea

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1215 – 1310 
PANEL - NIS2 Directive Compliance
 - How do we manage and maintain it over time?
 - Challenges and strategy for the NIS2 long-term compliance.
 - Manage the Third party compliance and the supply chain
 - Best cyber strategy and common measures for NIS2 compliance

  • Cristian Goiceanu, CISO, BCR
  • Cristian Cucu, CIO Council Member
  • Ionut Rosca, Data Protection Solutions Specialist, Dell Technologies
  • Gabriel Herbei, CIO FirstBank, CIO Council Member
  • Grațiela Măgdălinoiu, President at ISACA Romania, Romanian Chapter

Moderator: Laurențiu Mandu, Board Member, CIO Council Romania

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1310 – 1410  Networking Lunch 

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1410 – 1430 
Title session: Countering Disinformation in the Age of Generative AI
Synopsis: In this session, we'll explore the backstory of disinformation campaigns, the risks associated with large volume spread of disinformation caused by malign uses of Generative AI, the responsibility of all the platforms, big and small, and the positive impact of disinformation awareness on business and electoral decisions.
Speaker: Ioana Belu, Senior Lecturer, Romanian Banking Institute

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1430 – 1450
Title session: Guardians of the Digital Realm: Unveiling the Power of Offensive Cybersecurity
Synopsis: Explore the world of offensive cybersecurity services where skilled professionals deploy advanced techniques to proactively identify and neutralize cyber threats. Follow elite teams as they navigate the digital battlefield, employing tactics ranging from penetration testing to ethical hacking to safeguard clients' digital assets. Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime, these experts stand as the first line of defense, protecting businesses and organizations from malicious actors with precision and expertise.
Speaker: Andrei Ioniță, Regional Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Accounts, Bitdefender

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1450 – 1510 
Title session: How asymmetry is back in the knowledge society by fakes and deep-fakes

Synopsis: The Internet has democratized the knowledge society. The new technologies have created another type of asymmetry through cyber criminality. How should react or protect in the face of the new manipulation techniques? 
Speaker: Călin Rangu, Vice President, CIO Council

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1510 – 1530 
Speaker: Bogdan Tudor, Board Member, CIO Council

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1530 – 1550 
Title session: Cropwise Planting Service - An exciting new technology for use in precision agriculture
 Secure by design (NIS2 compliant), using inputs with optimum efficiency, varying their use for the precise needs of the field, reducing costs, increasing your sustainability efforts, and improving ROI
Speaker: Dragos Stanescu, CIO Syngenta, CIO Council member

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1550 – 1650 
PANEL - Cybersecurity Risk Management & Operations

Boards play a crucial role in providing oversight, governance, and strategic direction for cybersecurity initiatives, ensuring that cybersecurity is integrated into the organization's overall risk management framework. C-level executives, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are responsible for setting the tone from the top, allocating resources, and championing cybersecurity initiatives throughout the organization.

Together, boards and C-level executives collaborate to establish robust cybersecurity policies, invest in technology and talent, and foster a culture of security awareness and accountability. By prioritizing cybersecurity as a strategic business imperative and aligning it with organizational goals, boards and C-level executives can enhance cybersecurity resilience, protect against evolving cyber threats, and safeguard the long-term interests of the company and its stakeholders.


  • Alina Popa, CFO, OMV Petrom
  • Maja Mikic, Executive Director- Digital Transformation BRD
  • Valentin Stanescu, General Manager RCEE region, Dell Technologies
  • Andrei Bica, CFO, Profi Rom Food

Moderator: Andreea Ioniță, Chief Digital Technology Officer, E.ON România, CIO Council Member

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1650 – 1700 CONCLUSION
Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, CIO Council President





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