The Artificial Intelligence is with us since many years. Some says that it exists since early seventies 70’. But 2023 will be remembered as the year when the Artificial Intelligence Revolution really start to dramatically impact our live. Starting with Generative AI this is the year when AI applications become so innovative to truly transform the way we live and the way we are doing business. From healthcare to agriculture, (AI) created many opportunities globally and it is set to revolutionize every business sector.

Companies and CEOs are rushing to implement AI into their operational process to make a difference because, comparing with other technological leaps, the AI is a bringing a real change. It is changing the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. The AI revolution in 2023 is set to transform industries and economies, and it’s a critical time to understand the potential impact of AI on our lives.

But it is not only about the transformation of the business or society. It is about ethical dilemmas, and it is about AI regulations and AI governance. The impact of AI on society is both exciting and challenging. AI has the potential to transform the society , but it also raises concerns about the displacement of jobs, bias and discrimination, and the potential for misuse or abuse.




CIO COUNCIL Annual Conference, 11th edition - The AI Revolution

Connecting Business with Future Technologies

25th October 2023, hours 08.00-17.00, The Palace of the National Bank of Romania, Bucharest


0800 – 0900  

Registration & Welcome Coffee


0900 – 0910  

Opening speech

Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, CIO Council President




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0910 – 0920

Speaker:Bogdan Dumea, State Secretary, Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization

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 0920 – 0940

Title Session: Gartner’s Top Strategic Prediction

Synopsis:Gartner’s top predictions for 2023 are about seizing uncertainty. That phrase might seem, at face value, to be contradictory. If we truly “live in uncertain times,” it means we are being forced to live with less certainty about what will happen and how we should respond. At the same time, we want to seize opportunity, even though things are less clear. The answer to this conundrum is that one must reimagine and reevaluate basic assumptions and ultimate expectations. In short, we must be willing to change. By doing so, it becomes possible to turn uncertainty into opportunity — and opportunity can be seized. These predictions help our clients to consider what assumptions should be reimagined and when. It is often difficult to challenge basic assumptions when living with markets, culture and strategies that value consistency and stability over innovation, but each organization must find its own path to the future. Those paths will be long and twisted. However, the benefit at the end will be a more flexible and adaptable organization that is better prepared for whatever comes.

Speaker: Radek Moc, Executive Partner, Gartner

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 0940 – 1000

Title Session: Securely build generative AI apps & control data with Amazon Bedrock

Synopsys: Generative AI applications have captured widespread attention and imagination because generative AI can help reinvent most customer experiences and applications, create new applications never seen before, and help organizations reach new levels of productivity. However, it also introduced new security challenges. Amazon Bedrock is the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with foundation models from Amazon and leading AI startups.

Speaker:  Ionuț Drăgoi, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

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 1000 – 1050

PANEL - Trends and Technologies 

  • The impact of AI in business and society
  • Top 10 digital trends for 2024. How will the future look like?
  • AI and its Impact on Business and Society
  • What is the role of the CIOs in the AI economy?
  • Use cases for LLM on business
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI to reengineer your business processes
  • The future of Business Intelligence Apps is based on AI and machine learning


  • Emilia Ciurea, Enterprise Account Executive, Google Cloud
  • Iurie Cojocaru, Partner, NNDKP
  • Remik Sieminski, Regional Sales Manager, SolarWinds
  • Răzvan Butucaru, Partner, Financial Services & Advisory Leader, Mazars
  • Laurențiu Mandu, Board Member, CIO Council Romania

Moderator: Andreea Ioniță, Chief Digital Technology Officer, E.ON România, CIO Council Member

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 1050 – 1110

Title Session:  AI & Generative AI in Retail - myth of reality?

Speaker:  Gabriela Stănică, Chief Information, Data Officer and E-commerce Director, Carrefour Romania, CIO Council Member

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1110 – 1130 Coffee Break  




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1130 – 1150 

Speaker: Dan Cimpean, Director, Directoratul Național de Securitate Cibernetică (DNSC)

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 1150 – 1200

Title Session: Generative AI: addressing enterprise challenges in new ways

Synopsis: The presentation aims to highlight a series of use cases that can reveal value-driving deployments of the generative AI inside the organizations.

Speaker Andrei Paraschiv, Director within the Consulting practice, Deloitte Romania

 1200 – 1210 

Title Session: Generative AI. Cybersecurity

Synopsis: The presentation aims to highlight the way in which Gen AI can contribute to the consolidation of cybersecurity, but how we can manage this technology from a cyber point of view.

Speaker: Sergiu Zaharia, Cyber Strategy Advisory Director, Deloitte Romania

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 1210 – 1230 

Title Session: Cognitive AI - the future of Cybersecurity

Synopsis: Cognitive AI is an area of artificial intelligence (AI) that tries to construct systems capable of emulating human thought processes, perception, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities. Cognitive AI systems try to mimic how humans think, learn, and grasp information, allowing them to do tasks that require complicated reasoning, interpretation, and interaction with their surroundings.

Speaker Alexandru Rusandu, Global Product Director for Cybersecurity Services, Eviden GDC Romania, an ATOS business

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 1230 – 1250 

Title Session: RANSOMWARE ATTACK RECOVERY: How you can benefit from the incidents of others

Synopsis: An overview of some best-practice steps executed while recovering from real-world ransomware incidents in corporate settings, emphasizing actions that also improve future cybersecurity resilience.

Speaker: Martin Lohnert, Managing Director Void SOC Cybersecurity Operations Center of Soitron Group

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 1250 – 1340 


  • Is Artificial Intelligence a game changer for cybersecurity domain?
  • Cybersecurity challenges into the world of AI
  • How to deploy an AI Cyber Defense for your company?
  • Data privacy. Data protection. A major cultural change.
  • Cybersecurity for SCADA and industrial control systems
  • Security Operation Center of the future


  • Ionut Rosca, Data Protection Solutions Specialist, Dell Technologies
  • Ion Ionuț Georgian, Head of OMV Petrom Global Solutions IT
  • Călin Rangu, Vice President, CIO Council
  • Cristian Cucu, CIO Council Member
  • George Lazar, CIO Council Member
  • Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, CIO Council President

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1340 – 1420 Lunch




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1420 – 1440 

Title Session: If AI is a transformative force, how do we ensure it’s a force for good?

Synopsis: Gen AI is a revolutionary technology with the potential to greatly enhance efficiencies, improve cost structure, and open up new opportunities within the Financial Services sector. However, as with any transformative force, adoption is not without its risks. In order to ensure the responsible and ethical use of Gen AI, this session will delve into how Financial Services companies can establish a framework for its trusted and compliant utilization in accordance with the upcoming AI Act.

Speaker: Adrian Grigoras, Lead Enterprise Architect & Intelligent Automation Technology Lead, EY Romania

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 1440 – 1500 

Title Session: Accelerate intelligent outcomes everywhere with AI

Synopsis: AI isn’t coming. It’s already here producing value driving digital progress using data collected from traditional data sources as from the edge of the enterprise. Dell Technologies enables you to identify and activate your high-value data so it can create measurable value for your organization. We help you put AI to work!

Speaker: Bogdan Stefanescu, CEE Channel Sales Specialist | Unstructured Data Solutions, Dell Technologies

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 1500 – 1520 

Title Session: The Tomorrow Grower - Cropwise Precision Agriculture

Synopsis: How to enable growers and their advisors to make the best variety selection for every field on the farm to maximize yield using a fully data driven platform?

Speaker: Dragoș Stănescu, CIO Syngenta, CIO Council Member

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 1520 – 1540 

Title Session Digital Business Reinvention & AI Nimbleness Model for Digital Transformation

Speaker: Bogdan Tudor, Board Member, CIO Council

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 1540 – 1630


  • Becoming an AI-Powered Organization
  • How are Organizations Creating Their Own AI Future?
  • Becoming an AI-Powered Organization   
  • Whitepapers for AI solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability
  • AI means huge amount of data. How do we train our AI algorithms? 
  • How will AI change the labor market?


  • Laurentiu Bogdan, Digital & IS Director, Servier Pharma, CIO Council Member
  • Eugen Schwab-Chesaru, Vice President for Romania and Eastern Europe, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) 
  •  Alfred Brujban, CIO Council Member
  • ·Adrian Grigoras, Lead Enterprise Architect & Intelligent Automation Technology Lead, EY Romania
  • Costel Stefan, CIO Conectys, CIO Council Member

Moderator: Gabriel Herbei, CTO First Bank, CIO Council Member

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 1630 – 1640 CONCLUSION - Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, CIO Council President




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