Browsing the Internet 30 years ago was a curious experience for most of the people and few would have predicted that this invention will have such a great impact on our life. Thinking about mobility or remote work was senseless while the Wi-Fi networks were invented in 1997. The iPhones appeared on 2007 and everybody laughed on Steve Jobs vision and now we are all carrying our live in our smartphones.

Now, there is Metaverse. This word does not have a definition yet, but analysts predict already 5 trillion USD in Metaverse value by 2030 and private equities and venture capital invested 13 bln USD in 2021. Perhaps Metaverse is the next iteration of the Internet and we have to be ready to embrace it.

Meanwhile, the current technology trends are maturing and evolving. Everything is migrating to the cloud accelerated by the pandemic times. The artificial intelligence and the machine learning occupied their space and they are developing new services for the companies and customers. Analytics and BIG Data increased their shares in the IT departments portfolios and the applicability of the blockchain become very visible. Some large financial institutions are betting on NFTs and crypto world.

But the political and the economic environment are grey and tends to become very dark. It is not about one crises. There are a set of crises that will explode soon. The war on Ukraine brought the cyberwar to an unprecedented level and the economists predicts another Great Recession. And again, all the eyes are on the CIOs. Will the companies continue to invest in technology to remain on the market or will they go back to the cutting costs philosophy? What is the next move of the CIOs?

Main topics:

  • Top digital trends for 2023. How the future will look like?
  • Everything moves to the Cloud. What systems will remain on premise?
  • Edge Computing. How to build a Cloud and multi-cloud strategy?.
  • Transforming the business models through Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Robotics
  • Digital Business Transformation and New type of businesses
  • What is Metaverse?
  • Ransomware and the latest cyber protection. Zero trust architecture.
  • Cybersecurity challenges into the digital world. How the Ukraine war impacted on business?
  • Security by design. Industrial Control Systems vulnerabilities.
  • Disaster Recovery and the Business Continuity.
  • Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
  • Data Governance. Data Protection. Security, Risk and compliance
  • European Digital Agenda. GAIA-X, Digital Markets Act.
  • Where to apply the blockchain technology in the business?
  • What is the role of the CIOs in the VUCA New world order?
  • Delivering the future of work. The digital work force.


Session is focused on the latest IT trends and technologies and how they can be incorporated into the business. What are the technologies that will stream operational excellence? The panel and the presentations will be focused on case studies, white papers, and the IT industry innovations. Topics to be addressed includes:

  • ·         Top digital trends in 2023
  • ·         Multi cloud and cloud computing related topics
  • ·         Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • ·         Big data and analytics
  • ·         Digital twin, blockchain, metaverse and future technologies


Session addresses the cybersecurity topics, data protection and data governance. Cyber is a huge concern for the companies and CIOs and we all understood the cyber as an important layer for company and society defense. Recent wars increased the cyber risks to an unprecedented level.  Presentations will be focused on case studies, demos and white papers. Topics to be addressed includes ransomware, data

  • ·         Ransomware
  • ·         Zero trust architecture
  • ·         Security by design. SCADA vulnerabilities
  • ·         Disaster recovery and the business continuity
  • ·         Data Governance. Data Protection. Security, Risk and compliance


Session is dedicated for practical use cases where technology makes a difference. What are the lessons learnt from CIOs and from industry experts? The panel and the presentations will be focused on real use cases, white papers and latest research and studies. Topics to be addressed includes:

  • ·         Use cases for cloud, AI, ML, big data and analytics, ERPs and apps
  • ·         CIOs major challenges. CIO Council members responded
  • ·         Humanity, technology, and the pandemic crises
  • ·         The digital work forces. The future of remote work
  • ·         The lawyers and the technology. A new partnership



CIO Council National Conference 2022 - 10th edition


Thursday, 6 October 2022 – Hotel Radisson, 08:00 – 16:30


0800 – 0845 Registration and Welcome Coffee

0845 – 0900 Opening speech

ModeratorYugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania


UPDATE: Full video record:


 0900 – 0915 

Speaker: Sebastian I. Burduja, Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, and Member of Romanian Parliament » Watch video here

 0915 – 0930

Speaker: Pascal Steichen, Chairperson of the ECCC Governing Board; CEO of SECURITYMADEIN.LU – keynote speech  » Watch video here

 0930 – 0945

Title Session: Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

Speaker: Václav Špáňa, Executive Partner, Gartner » Watch video here

 0945 – 1000

 Title session: About Cloud, in Multiple forms

 Synopsis: When we say Cloud, we often instantly think of a Public Cloud, but there are many other Cloud implementations, which have most of the Public Cloud functionalities, and can bring additional benefits. We will talk about different types of Cloud, how they can work together and what solutions Dell Technologies offers for the Multi-Cloud world in which our applications and data "live".

Speaker: Radu Isaia, Storage, Platforms and Solutions Sales, Dell Technologies » Watch video here

 1000 – 1015

Session title: Top challenges on CIOs agenda

Synopsis: According to our recent CxO study with over 280 executives digital transformation continues to be the top priority on the top management agenda – the third year in a row. Cyber Security is the top 2nd priority due to the increasing number of hacking attack. In this context the importance of the CIO role is intensifying, but the associated challenges are also increasing accordingly. We would like to present and discuss the top challenges CIOs are facing and possibilities to overcome them.

Speaker: Iulia Malioukis, Principal Digital Transformation, Horváth Romania » Watch video here

 1015 – 1030

Session title: A Google View On Emerging Trends & Technology

As we look ahead, reinventing the future means changing not only where business is done, but how it is done. 

Speaker: Aurelian Enache, Enterprise Account Executive, Google Cloud » Watch video here

 1030 – 1130 PANEL - Trends and Technologies » Watch video here


  • Claudiu Hobjila, Customer Engineer - Infrastructure Modernization, Google Cloud
  • Roxana Ionescu, Partner and Co-head of NNDKP’s Data Protection Practice
  •  Horatiu Nistor, Senior Manager, IT Audit & Advisory department, Mazars Romania
  • Andreea Ionita, Chief Digital Technology Officer, E.ON România, CIO Council Member

Moderator: Bogdan Tudor, Board Member, CIO Council Romania


1130– 1200 Coffee break



UPDATE: Full video record:


 1200– 1220

Speaker: Anton Rog, Head of the National Cyberint Center, SRI » Watch video here

 1220– 1235

Session title: Reconsidering Cybersecurity Plan as Breaches Become Inevitable

Synopsis: Adversaries take advantage of expanding the attack surface of organizations, as a single vulnerability is what they need to initiate a later to be called „sophisticated attack”. CISOs, on the other hand, need to protect an increasing amount of digital assets and keep them secured at all times. Given limited resources, organizations have difficulty in identifying &  closing their technology and skills gaps to fight adversaries, as a result, breaches are becoming inevitable. Cybersecurity plans require reconsideration in order to find practical solutions to the immediate problem of resources vs gaps.”

Speaker: Murat Kaymaz, Managing Director of Cybersecurity, Soitron Group   » Watch video here

 1235– 1250

Session title: Identity Governance Driving Zero Trust

Synopsis: Identity Governance and Administration helps organizations adopt Zero Trust by enabling them to easily discover, manage and secure all identities and their access to technology resources.

Speaker: Mihai Olteanu, Cyber Security Defense and Alliances Director within the Risk Advisory department of Deloitte Romania » Watch video here


1250– 1305

Session title: CyberSecurity Trends

Speaker: Alexandru Rusandu, Global Cybersecurity Services Head of Portfolio and Service Engineering, Atos IT Solutions and Services » Watch video here


1305 – 1345 Lunch




 1345– 1400

Speaker: Dan Cîmpean, The Director of the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate » Watch video here

 1400– 1445 PANEL - Cybersecurity Resilience » Watch video here


  •     Georgian Ion, Head of OPGS IT at OMV Petrom
  •     Ioan Constantin, Cyber Security Expert, Orange Romania
  •     Cătălina Dodu, Country Manager, Atos IT Solutions and Services Romania
  •     Vladimir Ester, CTO, Cluster Power
  •     Cristian Cucu, CIO Council Member

Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania


UPDATE: Full video record:


 1445– 1500

Speaker: Gabriela Stănică, Chief Information, Data Officer and E-commerce Director, Carrefour Romania, CIO Council Member » Watch video here

 1500– 1515


Synopsis: According to Foundry’s 2022 Future of Work research, 94% of organizations shifted to hybrid work structures due to the pandemic, which then forced the creation of new, transformational, potentially long-lasting workflows and processes. The change of the workplace profoundly influenced the way we work. The way we live.

Speaker: Sorin Găvănescu, Managing Partner Software Engineering, Softelligence » Watch video here

 1515– 1530

Title session:Be Resilient at All Times

Synopsis:  Agile technologies should have the ability to securely deliver applications, data, and collaboration tools to a range of device types. Legacy concerns and associated infrastructure SLAs, such as platform updates, maintenance costs, security, and updates, are still relevant, but should now move to the background, or, even better, be paid for on a consumption basis, as an element of a service. Discover the best practices and strategies to optimize your ICT infrastructure and achieve business resilience.

Speaker: Cristian Turcin, Cloud Services Product Manager, Orange Business Services » Watch video here

 1530– 1545

Title session: Quo Vadis Metaverse – myth and reality

Synopsis: Metaverse is on the curve of special expectations. Applicability will be varied. At the same time, we have limits. Myths must meet technological and especially human reality; the role of CIO is essential. Universities can be a special place of research and application, in the benefits of fast aptitudes achievement for the students and teachers.

Speaker: Călin Rangu, Dean of Economics and Business Administration Faculty, Danubius University Vice President CIO Council » Watch video here

 1545– 1630 PANEL – Accelerated Digital Transformation » Watch video here


  • Laurențiu Mandu, Board Member, CIO Council Romania
  • Dragoș Stănescu, CIO Syngenta, CIO Council Member 
  • Doru Vitalariu, CIO CEC Bank
  • Dan Bogdan, ISG Technology Consulting Manager, Dell Technologies
  • Sorin Nicolaescu, CIO Alliance Helthcare Romania, CIO Council Member

Moderator: Cristian Cârstoiu, Digital Enablement and Chief Innovation Officer, Partner, EY Romania & Moldova 


 1630   Cocktail & fine wine tasting




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