The spectrum of threats on its highest speed

There is one high cost that the digitalization of the society is coming. The cyberthreats. The increase in cyberattacks seems a never-ending story and this phenomenon was accelerated by the spread of remote work, geopolitical instability, economic recession perspectives.  

The companies and the entire society should take adequate measure to protect themselves from cyber threats. CIO, CISO and the IT departments are in the front line of the cyber defense.

CIO Council is inviting you to this event to present solutions to the acute problem of cyber security and to debate about the spectrum of ransomware, cyber terrorism and how IT departments and companies can protect themselves by implementing cyber resilience and business continuity programs.

Main topics:

-        Cybersecurity Top Trends. 

-        Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services. Where to start from?

-        How to build a Security Operation Center.

-        How should we prepare to be NIS2.0 compliant?

-        How to build an Incident and Response Strategy? Are we prepared to respond to a cyberattack?

-        Data privacy and regulations. Is everything solved with GDPR?

-        How do build cybersecurity resilience in industrial environments?

-        What Infrastructure landscape and Data architecture is best to sustain the cyber resilience.

-        Building cybersecurity awareness to end-users and C suite. What training strategies are the best?

-        Global instability and cyberwar

-        Is the war in Ukraine a wakeup call for European cyber-defense? How authorities respond?

-        How can Cloud security features to be better exploited



Thursday, 11 May 2023 – North Events Center by Globalworth, Bucharest, 08:00 – 15:30


0800 – 0845 Registration and Welcome Coffee

0845 – 0900 Opening speech

ModeratorYugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania

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0900 – 0920 

Speaker: Anton Rog, Head of the National Cyberint Center, SRI 

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0920– 0940

Speaker: Dan Cîmpean, The Director of the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate

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0940 – 1000

Title Session: What is Dell Cyber Recovery and why does it matter?

Synopsis:  Cyber Recovery  protects your critical data regardless of whether it is hosted in the cloud or on-premises from a single destination with confidence. Dell Technologies delivers a secure data vault and intelligent analytics that safeguards your critical data from cyber attacks, ransomware and insider threats.

Speaker: Ionuț Roșca, Data Protection Solutions Specialist, Dell Technologies

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1000 – 1020

Session title: Session title: The Benefits of a Modern SOC

Synopsis: Today, organizations of all kinds are witnessing an increase in both the volume and the sophistication of cyberattacks. Cegeka will explain the benefits of their Modern SOC service combining advanced detection technologies with response-oriented activities to ensure fast containment and remediation of security incidents. By automating detection, analysis and response as much as possible, the time to respond reduces significantly and SOC Analysts can devote more of their time to specialised activities such as threat-hunting, advanced incident response, forensic investigation… but also to advising clients on how to further increase their cyber resilience.

Speaker: Fabrice Wynants,Global Director Cyber Security & IAM Solutions, Cegeka

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1020 – 1040

Title Session: Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Business in the Digital Age
Synopsis: In today`s world, security is more important than ever. With the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks, it is essential that businesses and organizations take steps to protect themselves. One way to do this is to shift security from an afterthought to something that is being evaluated at every stage of the process. This means considering security implications from the very beginning of a project, and then continuing to evaluate security throughout the development and implementation process.

Speaker: Claudiu Hobjila, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

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1040 – 1100

Title session: Title session: Building a Culture of Security: Insights from AWS

Synopsis: Organizations across industries are joining the Rugged Software (or Rugged DevOps) movement, which is founded on the principle of creating and fostering an organization-wide culture of security. Security has become everyone’s job, and its management has become a strategic concern of the enterprise. The way forward is for the enterprise to build a culture of security. Enterprise Solutions Architect Cosmin Pascu describes how AWS looks at risks and controls, together sets of norms and practices that align with keeping the enterprise secure.

Speaker: Cosmin Pascu, Enterprise Solutions Architect, AWS

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1100 – 1145 PANEL - Trends and Technologies in Cybersecurity


  • Gratiela Magdalinoiu, President at ISACA Romania, Romanian Chapter
  • Denys Petrov, CEE Enterprise Manager, Google Cloud
  • Bogdan Ștefănescu, Unstructured Data Solutions Channel Specialist, Dell Technologies
  • Dragoș Stănescu, CIO Syngenta, CIO Council Member
  • Cătălina Dodu, Partner, Cybersecurity Leader EY South Cluster and Technology Leader EY Romania

Moderator: Bogdan Tudor, Vice-president CIO Council Romania

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1145– 1200 Coffee break



1200– 1220

Title session: Data Management in the Zettabyte Era

Synopsis: Through real-world examples, we’ll explain how organizations can evolve their data management practices in a landscape of exponential data growth and increasingly complex technology environments. 

We’ll discuss the benefits of adopting an evidence-based approach in a continuous process of data identification, verification and remediation that forms the foundation for effective data management as well as compliance with global privacy legislation and security standards.

Key learning points:

  1. Historic data collection, rapid digital transformation and growing data volumes has led to excessive storage of data and a multitude of unintended repositories.
  2. Adopting a continuous process of evidence-based data identification, verification and remediation serves as a foundation for effective data management and compliance with global privacy legislation.

 Speaker: Ian Matthews, Regional Manager, Ground Labs

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1220– 1240

Session title: Self-Driving SOC Of The Future

Synopsis: The world is evolving. So should your security operations center (SOC). To keep pace with a constantly changing threat environment, organizations need a SOC that empowers teams to identify and remediate exposures in near-real time.

How top protect your organization without slowing down the business?  The new advanced Identity Threat Detection and Response Module from Cortex XSIAM and XDR provides best-in-class coverage for stealthy identity threat vectors, including compromised accounts and insider threats.

Speaker:Tudor Cristea, Regional Manager Cortex, Eastern Europe at Palo Alto Networks

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1240– 1300

Session title: Cybersecurity - one world for everybody

Speaker: Andrei Ionita, Regional Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Accounts, Bitdefender

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1300– 1320

Session title: Intelligent deception technology, as a part of safeguarding sensitive systems and data - demonstration of a hunting use case

Synopsis: Deception system alert must be perceived as a real threat and requires an action. We will show a real case of a hunting, based on such an alert, engaging other detection and investigation tools.  


Jan Rydval, Regional Senior System Engineer for CEE, Fidelis Cybersecurity

Alexander Mašek, Regional director for Central and Eastern Europe, Fidelis Cybersecurity

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1320– 1340

Session title: Monitoring the security, from day-to-day until dark web and cloud

Synopsis: If information is said to be essential for the business success of a company, in the field of IT security, having information, monitoring, and preventing are essential actions. How you organize yourself, and what strategy to adopt, depends on your vision and internal or external capabilities that can be called upon to survive in a world where there is only one certainty, that no one is safe from cyber risks.

Speaker: Călin Rangu, Universitary Lector, Economics and Business Administration Faculty, Danubius University, Vice President CIO Council 

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1340– 1425

PANEL - Building Cybersecurity Resilience

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing due to acceleration of the digital transformation adoption by the society. All the statistics said that the number of cyber attacks and cyber losses increased year after year. They became more sophisticated and elaborated. Companies should increase their cybersecurity postures and to build a strong resilience. How will they do that and who are the key persons to drive the change?



  • Andreea Ioniță Cirebea, Chief Digital Technology Officer, E.ON România, CIO Council member
  • Vlad Dragan, Manager Information Security, OMV Petrom
  • Cristian Cucu, CIO Council Member
  • Octavian Oancea, Technology Enthusiast, Network Builder, Amazon Web Services

Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania

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1425 – 1430  

Conclusion Moderator and closing of the event

Moderator Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania


1430 – 1530   Networking Lunch



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